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My strive to Greatness

We get these grand ideas fueled by excitement as we imagine it all working out. We make big plans on how it will all come together, and create timelines for when we should expect the idea to turn reality... then the tests begin. How bad do you really want it? Doubt sets in and brings its cousin Disappointment in when the plan doesn’t go quite as you planned. Are you still motivated?

Wouldn‘t it be great if life worked out as planned? If life was as simple as a thought turning into reality? Well truth is, life kind of works that way, it’s called manifestation and yes it’s a real thing! Some work is involved and you still may go through the hills and valleys but you will get there.

Through my hills and valleys came impatience, discouragement and hopelessness. I learned to counteract those feelings by tracking my progress, self motivation, and planning. I try to go through my portfolio, new and old work, at least once a month to remind myself of my growth in my artistry. It makes me feel amazing to know where I started and to see where I am currently. When you see how far you have come, it makes it a little hard to throw in the towel.

It’s hard to keep forward if you don’t hold a vision or a plan, especially if you get lost and stay in a sunken place in your journey! I’ve been there and it’s no fun! It’s the basic pre-requisite to saying MAN, FORGET ALL OF THIS! Sometimes you may not have the answers to get you to the next step, and as frustrating as that may be, it’s ok. When at this stage I really had to reevaluate how bad I wanted this, I had to step out of my own way, and seek God for my answers. I begin to do things that would only help my artisty... classes, practice sessions, videos, and informative forums. Whatever I needed to do, I did it, I’m still doing it. My plan was to perfect my artistry and to become confident in what I wanted to do. I’m on my way lol!

Writing down what you want to see in the future is not only therapeutic, but also a great way to stay focused. I write down ideas that come to mind, projects that need to be completed, what I need to do to complete my projects, tools and products to try or add to my kit... everything regarding my business, my artistry and my growth! I even created a vision board and I can’t even begin to tell you all the things that have already come to past...

true manifestation.

I‘m at a point where I’m still not where I want to be, but I thank God for where he is taking me, because I can feel it being greater than I have even imagined. I am going to stay Manifesting with the help of PRAYER &FAITH!

“Little things happen in your journey to keep you hopeful for the bigs things to come”

- The Dome of Cassie ☺️

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